Dear Sir: Wherein I seek alternate means of identification

2 July 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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I’m sending out some letters today…


Michael Jude Gogulski
Mikovíniho 15
831 02 Bratislava

Oddelenie cudzineckej polície PZ Bratislava
Hrobákova 44
852 42 Bratislava

Dobry deň,

moje meno je Michael Jude Gogulski. Momentálne mám povoleny prechodny pobyt na území Slovenskej republiky ?. XXXXXXX a v priebehu nieko?kych mesiacov sa chcem z osobnych d?vodov zriec? m?jho amerického ob?ianstva a stanem sa tak osobou bez ?tátnej príslu?nosti.

Chcel by som sa pri tejto príle?itosti informova? aké alternatívne dokumenty by som mohol pou?íva? pri overovaní svojej toto?nosti pri komunikácií s cudzineckou políciou.

Po odovzdaní m?jho amerického cestovného pasu budem ma? k dispozícií nasledovné dokumenty:
–?Vodi?sky preukaz ?tátu Florida
–?Originál rodného listu vydaného v ?táte Arizona
–?Fotokópiu byvalého cestovného pasu
–?Fotokópiu povolenia na prechodny pobyt na Slovensku (originál prilo?eny k americkému cestovnému pasu)

Prosím informujte ma, ?i bude niektory z uvedenych dokumentov posta?ujúci, alebo mi dajte vedie? akym sp?sobom zriadime identifikáciu mojej osoby.

Chcel by som sa tie? opyta?, ?i je Va?e oddelenie príslu?nym orgánom u ktorého budem m?c? ?iada? o vydanie cestovnych aj osobnych dokladov pod?a ?lánkov 27 a 28 Dohovoru 206/2001 o právnom postavení os?b bez ?tátnej príslu?nosti.

S pozdravom

Michael Jude Gogulski


Michael Jude Gogulski
Mikovíniho 15
831 02 Bratislava

Aliens’ Police Section, Bratislava
Hrobákova 44
852 42 Bratislava

Dear Sir,

My name is Michael Jude Gogulski. I currently hold a permit for temporary stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic numbered XXXXXXX. In the course of the next few months I shall seek for personal reasons to renounce my American citizenship and thus become a stateless person.

I would like to be informed of what other documents I might use to verify my identity in communications with the Aliens’ Police Section.

After surrendering my American passport I will have the following documents available:
–?Florida driver’s license
–?Original birth certificate issued in the state of Arizona
–?Photocopy of my former passport
–?Photocopy of my temporary Slovak residence permit (original attached to the American passport)

Please inform me whether any of the aforementioned documents will be sufficient, or let me know in what manner we shall provide for the identification of my person.

I would also like to ask whether your office is the appropriate body to which I can apply for issuance of travel and identity documents according to Articles 27 and 28 of Convention 206/2001 on the legal status of stateless persons.

Best regards,

Michael Jude Gogulski

Similar letters (minus the final paragraph) are going to the post office, my bank, mobile phone operator and internet service provider. I’ll post the results as they come in.

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  1. 11 Responses to “Dear Sir: Wherein I seek alternate means of identification”

  2. By Aaron Kinney on 2 July 2008

    You are truly hardcore. I wish you the best of luck!

  3. By Francois Tremblay on 2 July 2008

    What is the goal here?

  4. By lemuel on 3 July 2008

    Good luck!

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2008

    To Francois:

    The goal is to establish means by which I can prove my identity to companies that I do business with during a period when I will have no official documentation of my identity.

    Those that provide no alternate means I will handle using a power of attorney designating a friend as agent for my business with those firms.

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2008

    Ah, I should also add that the recipient of the letter above is the Slovak government agency charged with issuing visas and residency permits. I have a temporary residency which will need to be renewed by November.

  7. By Martin on 3 July 2008

    Yeah, good luck and much, much patience.

  8. By Francois Tremblay on 3 July 2008

    And what is the ultimate goal of such action?

  9. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2008

    Francois: I believe that’s explained on my “About” page. Also there’s some more in an article that was published about me at

  10. By luaay on 11 December 2011

    I love you man!

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